Fall is in the air…time for a new cupcake

It’s August, and that means I start thinking about fall and Halloween and fall flavors and that means it’s time to concoct a new cupcake flavor. I wanted to come up with something that would be amazing and make everyone think of fall. What says fall more than apples? Think apple picking, apple cider and even at one place here in Virginia apple cider donuts. That got me thinking…what about caramel apples? It’s so very fall and screams Halloween.

So it is time to get to work.


I have to plot and plan every cupcake. It’s the same strategy most would use when planning a super elaborate wedding or event. I have to have every detail figured out. One thing I knew I need to incorporate was fresh apples. So I diced two apples and cooked them down in a little butter and cinnamon. The hard part is not sneaking little bites of the tart apples as you are dicing them up.


The juicy crisp apples will call to you. Resist the urge to keep sneaking pieces. I mean hold it together. I probably ate a third of an apple as I was dicing them up. So cook these down so that they can cool. In the meantime you have to start cooking down your brown sugar mixture because you will need that for your brown sugar buttercream. That is a whole other realm of goodness that will make your mouth water.

As all these goodies are cooling I mixed up my batter adding a bit more cinnamon than normal. As I’m mixing it I am already tweaking it in my mind because it’s not quite moist enough. After the apples are cooled I mixed them in my batter and man it smells like fall in my house. It smells like warm jackets and trick or treating. And boots and scarves. And warm fires and cozy nights. It smells like everything that you imagine on a perfect October evening.


While these are cooking just sit back and relax and maybe even pop in your worn out copy of Hocus Pocus and enjoy the nostalgia. Oh there’s the timer and its time to take these beauties out.


Do not eat the cupcakes. They are hot. They will burn. Resist the urge. Okay good glad you held off. Now its time to frost these little bundles of goodness. I piped a brown sugar buttercream on top and added a little bit of caramel drizzled on top.


Next to take it a little bit further I went all the way to the carnival caramel apple of my youth and added a sprinkle of peanuts to the top. Now take a bite and start planning your Halloween costume. It’s almost time.



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