Nostalgia + Magic = cupcake

Remember as a child the little hard butterscotch candies? It didn’t matter where they came from. Just that your grandparents always had them. They were a moment of sweetness that made everything alright.

Remember the first time you read one of favorite books with a boy wizard? And the first time you heard of butterbeer? I mean who would’ve thought of butterbeer?

What if we combined both of those memories into a cupcake? I mean it’s like ABRACADABRA! Cupcake. This was a fun test bake for me because it is for a party at the end of the month. And it was fun to test flavors.

butterbeer 6


So we started with a cupcake that was so moist and fluffy. It came out of the oven perfectly rounded and springy. The batter had the normal staples: flour, sugar, butter, eggs, a little bit of baking powder and baking soda. Also salt. Always use salt in baking!!  But we needed that buttery cream flavor. So we used cream soda. I didn’t have cream soda handy so I made my own using our soda stream and the cream soda mixer. And to keep the cupcake moist we added buttermilk and just a 1/2 teaspoon of butter extract. This stuff smells amazing. I love butter. Not as much as my husband who loves a little toast with his butter. But I do love the flavor of butter. Bake these beauties and they come out breathtakingly perfect.


Now for the sticky fun stuff. The nostalgia. Time to make butterscotch ganache. The ooey gooey goodness that will pull this cupcake together.

Then its time to dip. Plan to have sticky fingers here. You have to dip the perfect cupcakes into the gooey ganache. Resist the urge to lick your fingers. You can’t lick your fingers…it’s unsanitary…stop. Back your fingers away from your lips. Great you licked your fingers didn’t you? Now go wash your hands and get back to work. After you dip them they must dry.


Now while those are drying you make your buttercream. Add a little of that ganache to the buttercream because why wouldn’t you? I used vanilla, butter, powdered sugar, a sprinkle of salt, butter extract and heavy cream to get that perfectly fluffy buttercream.


Pipe that buttercream on and for the last flourish of magic use your wand to drizzle some of that butterscotch ganache on top of the buttercream. The beauty of these is breathtaking. The memories they bring will bring a smile to your face. And don’t forget the magic. The magic of the wizarding world is right at your fingertips with these cupcakes.








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