Our Sailor is Coming Home!

We have a sailor in the family. We couldn’t be more proud of her. For the last seven months she has been deployed with her and her military family.

Well they are coming home this week. And we get to be there when the ship comes in. Cheering and welcoming then.

Not too long ago I hear from her mom, one of my closet friends, that she got an email from our sailor and it said “there will be churro cupcakes right?” Well of course that enters me. I know the churro cupcakes are her favorite. I had even made someone to include in one of the care packages we sent to her early on.

So tonight I broke out all the ingredients to make the cupcakes that will make her happy. Right now my house smells like cinnamon sugar deliciousness. After they cooled I dipped them in a white chocolate cinnamon sugar ganache. Now as they sit to set and wait for the next step I can’t help but be excited that in just a couple of days our sailor will be home.




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