Time for Party Decorations…Break out the Glue Gun!

So I was asked to help plan a party. I jumped at the chance. I love party planning. And we decided do some of the party décor ourselves. By crafting.

Easy right? Not so much.

First step…for several weeks save empty paper towels rolls. Easy right. Not so much when your husband keeps trying to throw them away. So hide them in the closet! That’s the best thing to do. Out of site out of mind.

So between Kelly and I (the one throwing the party) we managed to save 12 paper towel rolls. So gather up the supplies: white paint, brushes, fishing line, hot glue gun, glue sticks and battery operated tealight candles. Easy enough.

In theory all this will turn into the floating candles seen in the Great Hall in all the Harry Potter movies.

So we started with painting the rolls and letting them dry. After they dried we had to go around each roll and drip hot glue so it looked like “candle wax” melting. It was surprisingly much easier than either of us thought. Even with the glue stick strings and a couple of minor burns. Nothing that will keep us from going or have us admitted to the hospital. So we are safe.


Next came the fun part. Dip the end of the paper towel rolls with the “wax” into paint and let dry. The problem is the paint gets into the rolls. So you have to shake them off a little. But be careful or you will hear “YOU GOT PAINT IN MY EYE!”. I mean who ever said crafting was safe? sheesh.

Eventually you poke holes and thread fishing wire and are ready to add a candle. It makes for a fun afternoon of crafting. And who cares if you get a little paint in your eye? or on your favorite jeans. And your husband tells you the paint will wash out and it still hasn’t. The important thing you have accomplished the task with a great friend and people at the party will never know of all the damage and chaos that ensued.


Unless of course they read this blog.


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