April showers bring….the baking bug

I love a good rainy day. It’s actually one of my favorite things when it rains and I am in the house watching it rain. And a good rainy day gives me the baking bug.

There’s something about the rain falling outside and something baking in the oven. It’s almost a sense of nostalgia that makes me want to whip out the mixer and the eggs and see what I can concoct and throw together.

What about a little bit of maple cinnamon banana bread?

Or chocolate peanut butter cupcakes? Or just the traditional chocolate chip cookie…something warm that goes perfect with a glass of milk.

Anyone can snuggle on the couch and watch a movie but why not get up and make something sweet to watch with that movie.


Today I want think I will take it old school and make chocolate chip cookies. It’s simple and delicious. A little flour, sugar, butter, salt, eggs, vanilla, brown sugar, baking soda and chocolate chips. Who would think all those things thrown together would produce that food that will make your eyes close and your mouth thank you for that simple sweet goodness.


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