Daylight Savings? Must be time to plan for Halloween

It has felt like winter was never going to end. I mean the days are ending early. The cold. The bitter wind. And the snow. Where are the 70 degree days? The flip flops? And going out without a jacket?

Well good news, this weekend we spring forward! The days will be longer. And the weather warmer. So that mean’s it is obviously time to start planning our annual Halloween¬†Party. I mean obviously.

phone again 093.JPG

I recently found this amazing event planner book at my favorite craft store and it has everything I need to plan our epic Halloween party.


I know…it’s too early right? WRONG! I don’t want to have to tell you again. It is never too early to plan. I have so many things to do to get ready and start up our annual Fright Fest. Pick a theme. There has to be a theme. This year Masquerade. Time for a little fun.

I first like to look through the previous years goodies to see what was popular and see if I want to bring them back. Then it’s time to plan the cupcake flavor for the jar. I have to do a flavor that is both fall themed and tasty. This year we may have to do churro. That seems to be a favorite.

phone again 214.JPG

Costumes are the last thing I focus on. It’s all about the food. Without great food it would truly be a frightening event.

To do list:

  • pick a theme
  • pick a date
  • plan the menus
  • make Facebook event invite
  • plan paper invites
  • mail paper invites (these I try to send out by the middle of August or early September)
  • plan goody bags
  • make schedule for party planning day

Why am I sitting here writing? I have a million things to do. Enjoy your spring. It’s time to get ready for Halloween.



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