A CupCake…in a jar? Say WHAT?!?

So a few years ago I was trying to figure out the best way to share my cupcakes but in goody bags for my guests.

I mean let’s be honest, who doesn’t want a cupcake to go? Something portable that they can eat later?

I racked my brain and started searching online for different ways to include a cupcake but make it portable. I found boxes and bags and other such packaging that wouldn’t keep the safe and still yummy. I stumbled upon an article that showed putting already prepared cupcakes in a jar after they are baked.

This set my wheels turning….I mean the mason jars are boiled could they be baked in? well let’s try it.

Hence the signature cupcake in a jar is born for my party goody bags. I bake whatever flavor I have come up with this year in the jar. Let them cool completely and then adding the frosting and close it up.


Attach a mini fork or spoon and voila the perfect portable sweet treat.

The most important part is to be sure that each and every jar is completely cooled before frosting.

Why not have fun with it….why not make EVERYTHING in a jar…next lets try…..BROWNIES!



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