The Perfect Party starts with the Goody Bag

So you are ready to have a party….now what?

First a theme. The theme is the first step. You have to have the theme in order to jump off and start the next steps. Themes make or break the party.

Once you pick the theme its time to plan the goody bags. No party is complete without the goody bag. Goody bags are the gifts your guests take with them to remember the fun they had at your party.

The perfect goody bag consists of:

-a cupcake in a jar

-a non food take away (usually a magnet or a candle holder)

-chocolate covered pretzels

-chocolates to match the theme

-another sweet treat (I usually do a rice krispie treat to match the theme)

-and something non-sweet.

A goody bag should have at least five components and then you can build from there. I like to order magnets with the date and theme of the party for everyone to remember it by.

I recently went to a friends house and the only magnets on her fridge were magnets from our goody bags.

Remember a great party starts with a great goody bag.




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