Let’s Talk Themes

I was recently asked to provide cupcakes for a baby shower. I jumped at the chance. Mainly because I love to create and bake and put smiles on peoples faces. And the joy for the mom to be. So I talked to the party planner and got an idea about what she was looking for. A baby jungle animal theme. With blues and greens.

So I got to work planning. I wanted something fun. And I decided that we would add chocolate baby jungle animals to the tops of each cupcake. I mean who wouldn’t love a little chocolate with their cupcake? So now its time to get to work.

First the cupcake flavor…Vanilla. Something simple. And easy. And a universal flavor for any occasion. Next to plan the frostings.

I decided to stick with the vanilla theme but color the frosting. So we would do half blue frosting and half green.

So first things first make a batch of my special vanilla buttercream. And add a few drops ov electric green gel food coloring.frosting

And then you have the perfect green food coloring.

green And again with the blue gel food coloring.

Next on to the cutest darn chocolates you will ever see. I mean so cute it would almost hurt to bite their heads off as you eat them…almost.

Take all these little components and put them together and you have the perfect cupcake to fit the theme. Fun jungle animals chocolates and colored frosting. A little whimsy and a little fun. A smile in just two little bites.





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